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First and foremost, this site is open to everyone and all of the public information can be viewed without logging in. So, that said, why Sign-up?

Simply put, it's for the benefits, of course! That is, we think the ability to personalize this information service, get access to additional online tools, and to subscribe to group specific content are useful information services for the people and the watershed groups involved in maintaining and improving the health of Napa's watersheds lands.

Here are just some of the handy tools and services for registered users:

  • Get an automatic email digest of new information posted to the site. Once you sign-in you can then adjust your preferences and set how often you want to receive an update and what types of updates will trigger an email notice.

  • Build your own personal online file cabinet, called a "clickboard," that allows you to easily save and archive links to information on the site so you can quickly retrieve and reference later.

  • Save your own customized map views that include the specific data and geographic area you're interested in. Easily retrieve your saved map views with a single mouse click the next time you log-in. These map tools and others are provided to help you best make use of expensive and hard-to-get data through GIS visualization using just a web browser. That's right, these tools greatly extend the value of GIS data and visualization by making it accessible to everyone--not just those with the money and access to expensive geographic information system software.

  • Participate in online discussion forums and polls and get a concise view of the most recent information posted to the site.

  • Access information provided by other participating watershed groups. You can choose at anytime to subscribe/unsubscribe to new content updates provided by specific watershed groups. Want to be the first on your block to know when a new restoration project or study report is available? Want to know when local stewardship groups are meeting? If yes, this feature is for you.

  • The latest feature, just launched so please tell us what you think about it, allows you to profile watershed groups you're involved in. Yes, now you can more easily reach out and tell other watershed stewards, educators, planners, researchers and your neighbors, what you're watershed group is up to.

  • Even better, once you've registered a watershed group, that group gets access to more web tools that can help them improve resource and project collaboration and education and outreach. The practical web tools available to registered groups include the ability to:

    • upload documents and multimedia files in the shared online library

    • initiate discussion topics in the group discussion forums

    • publisize calendar events and meetings

    • allow other registered users to subscribe to your group's information updates

In short, to get the most out of the your WICC community watershed portal, we think you should sign-up now!

Please note: we will NEVER share your personal information with third parties (see our Privacy Statement for more information).

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