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Policy Framework

Policy Framework

The Community Health and Wellness Policy Framework was developed for the City of Richmond General Plan Update Health Element to provide a framework for incuding a health focus in the design of the built environment. The Policy Framework (Framework) guided the analysis of baseline conditions with regards to health in the city, and will provide the foundation for developing goals, policies, and implementing actions for the Health Element. The Framework includes 10 community health objectives described below. The framework also identifies community health impacts that identify the crucial link between health and the built environment, validated with sound research and data.

A. Community Planning Objectives

A community’s overall health depends on multiple factors, including the environment they live in. A healthier living environment reduces health risks and promotes better lifestyle choices. Determinants of a healthy living environment are described as Community Planning Objectives, listed below.

1. Access to recreation and open space

2. Access to healthy foods

3. Access to medical services

4. Access to public transit and safe active transportation

5. Access to quality affordable housing

6. Access to economic opportunities

7. Completeness of neighborhoods

8. Safe neighborhoods and public spaces

9. Environmental quality

10. Green and sustainable development and practices

B. Community Health Impacts

Health impacts describe the link between determinants of a healthy living environment and specific health conditions. The research and analysis that establishes these links is cited in the technical appendix of the Richmond General Plan Update Existing Conditions Report (see link on the left sidebar).


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